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MP3elfTM Promotional Video

MP3elf Promotional Video

The MP3elfTM required a unique launch into the online world. This promotional video shows the first version of the Ethernet MP3 player in action

MP3elf Video High Quality (MPEG1 - 11MB)
MP3elf Video (Windows Media v8 - 3MB)
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Pacific Dragons Promotional Video
The Pacific Dragons dragonboating club required a short promotional video that would capture the audience with an exciting mix of action from their activities. Note: No sound has been included in the internet download version.

Download Pacific Dragons Video High Quality (MPEG1 - 4.5MB)
(Right-click and Save-Target-As... to your hard disk)
Java Slide Show
Pacific Dragons Promotional Video Still Pacific Dragons Promotional Video Still Pacific Dragons Promotional Video Still Pacific Dragons Promotional Video Still
Competitor Product Database
The worldwide product competitor database demonstrates custom software development using database capabilities for corporate intranet networks. This browser based application provides timely information on competitor activity.

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Somewhere Up The Coast
This short film was produced for Tropfest 2002.

"For some, there is nothing better than the cleansing experience of an early morning surf. But there are those for whom the morning light represents the end of a long and successful night out, bringing with it the arduous task of driving home. These two lifestyles appear to be heading in entirely different directions, however there are many similarities to be found between them when you're somewhere up the coast."

Please contact us for a copy of this film.
Somewhere Up The Coast  

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